Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Series-1 " Go Wild Poetry"

Hi  Poetry Lovers,

This a blog for free verse poetry. Every day a part of the book will be posted here as  a series of " GoWild poetry". Feel free to comment and stay tuned for the next post.

Hungry mouths still cry

It was winter
The frosty leaves
Spoke for the chilliness
Withering by
Hearts cold
Misconceptions enfold
It is the winter
At the poor’s house
With burnt bread
Without the fat
The weak bones
The young mouths
The food did not suffice

The Landlord house
Sparkling like pearls
With the wafting delicacies
Filled the air
Life ballooned with joy

Hungry mouths still cry.

Mankind should not bear oppression

A Revolution
They revolted
The oppression
Sands Sifted in the air
Raising dust
Chains of mob fight
All around the mighty
Rulers of oppression
The sticks spoke
The voices cried
But persistence
More gathered in swarms
In their colony
The sticks did not speak now
Pleas spoke
The revolt was not bloodshed
But a cry for defense
The farmers of the land
Smiles in the contours back again
Mankind should not bear oppression


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