Friday, 16 October 2015

It's all in thought!!

Trembling fingers
Time ticking by
Slowness of time
Embroiled life
Etches on forehead
Seething about life
All in circumference

Beautiful feeling
Time ticking by
Feeling time swipes so fast ahead
Life's happiness
Swelling within
Spreading all around

That crafts life's difference

Poverty strikes
Stubborn life
Changing pace
Upheavals and downs in life
A lashing wave
Erodes life of happiness
A setting wave
Delivers one's happiness

After all, is a mixture
Of different intensites
To different populace
Of difference
Of unitedness
Of love
Of hate
On indifference
On passion
In various tempos
That crafts life's difference

All crave for nature's minuscule moments all time!!

Withering plants
Dying grass
But yes lovely winter

Running cold in hands
Looking obese with warm clothing
Eyes pleading for a warm place
But yes lovely winter

Hating coldness
Running cold
But throwing snow balls at one other
Yes lovely winter

Birds Sing song
Warm summer
Hotter air
Crave for the winter ice
Yes beautiful summer

Falling leaves
Rushing wind
Flying hat
But yes lovely breezing autumn

Yes lovely climate
Lovely nature
All crave for nature's minuscule moments all time!!

That's what Life is all about!!

Racing and Rumaging
Did thee find what thee want

Hurriedly offending the people
In a rush of an air

Life's a hurry said thee mind
Screaming for time

Until thee saw a girl
With a warm composure
That every one around loved and welcomed

With a angelic dispositon
With an aura around her

She pleasantly loved each moment in her life
Questioning thee mind who was a Champion in life
Inner voice springs
She is championing life
Though thee Championed as an individual
Without Estasy
Grey, racing pace
Is not what Life is all about

The girl taught that life is not a race
Like the running race
But win people
Win Life
That's what Life is all about!!

Lovely Butterflies

Dear Butterflies
As you sweep the sky
I remember the butterfly moments
That fought in the bellies
During anticipations
In life
May be a test
May be an anger
May be a new event
May be a life turn
Or upturn
This is just my feeling
But when I see you flying
I forget all the butterflies I feel
To hop and hop over
Like a child to catch you

Beauty that matters

A woman pale
Sat on a slab
Lost in a world of hunger
One in Elevation circle
Never understands
Never forayed
A chance in life

As drops fall from the sky
That woman looks helpless
Without a roof over

While an advantaged person
Has the life's needs fulfilled
It is only a want for the woman

In a crux of life
Thinks the man watching  the scene

A brink of change in attitude
This woman has a beauty
The woman  holds the meaning of life

That what holds need
That is a want for others
In a self centered world
Where wisdom is rare

This woman
Woman of might
Presents life's meaning
Of thousands of  poor downtrodden
All in circumference
That is yet to be picked up!!

Thursday, 27 August 2015


The Midnight Strangers
Dark Every Everywhere
I see the sharks
Men shifting by
In the catch of the air
Is it the Midnight Shadows?

Beautiful butterflies

Hatching to a snugging worm
You feed on and on
You enclose yourself in your spit
And sleep on and on

Time Flies
You tear the covering
That Protected You

You Come out
As a Beautiful Beautiful Butterfly!!

I knew a butterfly in my life
That turned from a ugly duckling to a beautiful swan

Life can change you all around!!