Thursday, 27 August 2015


The Midnight Strangers
Dark Every Everywhere
I see the sharks
Men shifting by
In the catch of the air
Is it the Midnight Shadows?

Beautiful butterflies

Hatching to a snugging worm
You feed on and on
You enclose yourself in your spit
And sleep on and on

Time Flies
You tear the covering
That Protected You

You Come out
As a Beautiful Beautiful Butterfly!!

I knew a butterfly in my life
That turned from a ugly duckling to a beautiful swan

Life can change you all around!!

A child that loomed worry!!

A little child sat at a lonely three-corner;
Apple in her hand, chewed apiece;
Sitting there sully;
Deeply reminiscing her past;
Thinking deeply in thee world unadorned, I know;
Her expression lapsing any glamor world;
But in the boughs of sorrow!!
Her eyes moist and dilated down;
Indicative of thee self tolerance in her;
Of not to burst;
A sign of maturity conditioning in her;
To remain strong in difficult hindering times;
But thee sorrow loomed her;
Sat there she;
In a shattered kitchen cloth stitched dress;
With a scarf of kitchen mop;
She must have been born and grown in kitchen, her life most;
I remiscend her picture I snatched from my bus ride;
Photographed in my mind, I still remember;
Her gesture was such;
Never can I forget;
Scoffed yellow in her eyes;
Was etched in colour a yellow pale colour;
Sitting on a small wooden sill cornered;
Where was she lost?
What was she worried about?
Worry etched her forehead;
But I was fast pacing across in a bus;
A poor child, I couldn’t get to know!!

Spatial observance, Life’s poetry!!

When thee observe spatiality;
Thee dimension of objects;
A visual process;
A memory formed;
A memory suffused with objects and people;
All around thee circumference;
Crafting thee memories of remembrance;
Visual memories crafting;
In every life meeting;
Every life event even the nano - subtlety;
What is thee life without memories;
A void talk without base;
A rapid battering speech with no proof;
Can we think of life without visualising?
How do blind do their management;
Even then; based on visual process;
In the end; The visual meaning;
Two dimensional, three dimensional fa├žade objects;
That they feel and perceive;
The visual touch process is in their processing;
The figurative sense is all thee matter;
A touch based visual process that they craft understanding;
To love life without visual memories;
A grey rapid verbal process without verbatim of concerned objects;
That one cannot store in memory see;
God’s gift of memory;
Of eyesight;
Concerned linking with memory;
A brain processing to understand;
Decipher the input visuals;
Transform understanding to action;
Again visual to thee eyes and other;
Love life for thee visual process!!
Visual memories craft life’s process;
Visual memories craft life’s story processing;
A life of visuals, colouring contours of people;
Throwing life fun, joy colourfully in variant colour shades;
Life’s weaving process;
Is on ultimatum visual memories or visual spatial induced memoirs;
That endowed upon mankind by The Almighty!!
Life’s visual memories craft poems in every life processing!!

Surging Hope

A surging hope is omnipresent 
A life of hope instilled by passion;
Hope of self worth;
Hope of everlasting tenure
A life surrounded by peers;
Of friendship attained;
Renew life henceforth;
A way to exhorbitant inner talents
Expose self;
Be unique;
Be self;
Lost opportunities to opportune;
A ray of hope;
A sting ray’s poison defence;
No long omnipresent
Free flow self might;
Unhindered by others opinions;
A life of optimism filling self;
Surplus overflowing along;
Love life
Love boundary encircled  by dear near;
Will succed
A ray of Hope!!

Racing Climatic Morning

Morning we started;
The racing car;
We traveled in;
 The climate raced soon along;
Soon to dew filling and rain;
The forceful wind gushed onto our face;
Raining Cats and Dogs;
Pouring down with loudness;
Pattering our window panes;
Our car raced;
So the climate raced;
Race Racing with the passage of time;
The climate raced shiny;
To Sunny day;
We basked along the racing car;
Speeding up to our destination;
Sunny, feeling fresh a midst Honks;
Honking all around;
A midst the City central;
The place we were to embark all along the trip.

Bookish Clerk

The Clerk was anointed bookish
For he loved books
Ever and Ever
He poured over
All Time he had to spare in the office

He had no friends
So no fun
So no converstation

But he was shy
He hid behind the books
He did'nt strike a conversation
Cause he was timid

Look over there
Look over there
He has made his first conversation
The Talk of the Office

Yes, Yes, He spoke to his Colleague
And He found him sweet as anybody
So they removed his anointation
And Named him Friendly Clerk

Starting troubles
But Bright Insight they found him
After all, not a nerd
They found when he stated punning wits.

Oh Man!! First impression is Not the Best Impression
Look beyond the Visible!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Dearest Almond Shell

Almond Shell!! Almond Shell!!
You are not hardened;
So hard to break;
In the core of the heart;
You are soft;
Tendering caring;
How much ever you are at extend;
Internally, thee know your care;
Juggling your shell;
Thee make different sound intensities;
I agree thee inner voice;
Creating juggling suggestions;
Dad!! You aren't so hard as you seem!!
Almond Shell!! Almond Shell!! You are definitely not hardened!!

Awake, Arise

Awake, Arise
Expurge your  feelings
Like a  bird expurging wings
To take a flight
Fly free
Reach  the notch high happiness
By actuating self
Live like anything
Within your constraints
Constraints not chained
But you embark
Upon thee resources
But the flair of words
Comes in lapse of time
In certain constraints

This is no time
To shade
Behind the tree
But shine like glowing sun
And sparkle in the darkness like moon

Dispense the feelings tormenting thee
Replace it with embracing happiness
That comes with great self-forgiveness
Enhance self
Will succed
Arise, Awaken, Arisen - Sun till sparkle

The cats whiskers looked like a mustache

The  cats whiskers looked like a mustache
In the twinkle of the moonlight
Creeping like a bandit
Cutlery squashed immediately
An ultimatum;
Everyone awake to catch the bandit
Tearing the curtains in fear it held itself close in attic;
Above the kitchen cellar

People had sticks;
All in my house;
It looked like the bandit was on the cellar
Must be a thief, cried my brother;
I will handle him said my sister, bring a ladder;
Suddenly, Swooooosh;
The cat climbed down the ladder;
And escaped out of the Window!!

Hearty laugh!! It was a cat bandit!!

Continued-Series Go Wild poetry


Drops of blood oozed by
The blood of misfortune
But never accept
But for fortune
The pain in your eyes
Talks of many things
The silence speaks louder
Misty fog
You fight for our men
Your kindness is our life
There lay your brother
And there lay his chest wide
Which was stripped by the bullet shots
Misfortune to lose your fellow
But I pray for your fortune
One of the heroes of my land
Saving thousands of my country men
I salute you, dear soldier.

Some women are meandering roads

Bustling Women in Road
Sat in the road corner
Unaware that the world has advanced.
Beyond the life of four cornered kitchen
They did not know that books are something
That can illuminate their lives.

Today we sit in a cubicle
With a sophisticated work in an MNC
To see
The see women of capability
Numerous wasting away life is a pain

We are blessed
But the women lead a life obsessed
With pain and nothing but pain

All roads are not straight
All roads meander
So what if the roads are not straight easy to cross
These women are the meandering roads
That have potholes and bumps
Like their life
Helping them find the way
Is the best thing we can do little?
Help them explore the world that is small in their eyes.

Series-1 " Go Wild Poetry"

Hi  Poetry Lovers,

This a blog for free verse poetry. Every day a part of the book will be posted here as  a series of " GoWild poetry". Feel free to comment and stay tuned for the next post.

Hungry mouths still cry

It was winter
The frosty leaves
Spoke for the chilliness
Withering by
Hearts cold
Misconceptions enfold
It is the winter
At the poor’s house
With burnt bread
Without the fat
The weak bones
The young mouths
The food did not suffice

The Landlord house
Sparkling like pearls
With the wafting delicacies
Filled the air
Life ballooned with joy

Hungry mouths still cry.

Mankind should not bear oppression

A Revolution
They revolted
The oppression
Sands Sifted in the air
Raising dust
Chains of mob fight
All around the mighty
Rulers of oppression
The sticks spoke
The voices cried
But persistence
More gathered in swarms
In their colony
The sticks did not speak now
Pleas spoke
The revolt was not bloodshed
But a cry for defense
The farmers of the land
Smiles in the contours back again
Mankind should not bear oppression