Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Continued-Series Go Wild poetry


Drops of blood oozed by
The blood of misfortune
But never accept
But for fortune
The pain in your eyes
Talks of many things
The silence speaks louder
Misty fog
You fight for our men
Your kindness is our life
There lay your brother
And there lay his chest wide
Which was stripped by the bullet shots
Misfortune to lose your fellow
But I pray for your fortune
One of the heroes of my land
Saving thousands of my country men
I salute you, dear soldier.

Some women are meandering roads

Bustling Women in Road
Sat in the road corner
Unaware that the world has advanced.
Beyond the life of four cornered kitchen
They did not know that books are something
That can illuminate their lives.

Today we sit in a cubicle
With a sophisticated work in an MNC
To see
The see women of capability
Numerous wasting away life is a pain

We are blessed
But the women lead a life obsessed
With pain and nothing but pain

All roads are not straight
All roads meander
So what if the roads are not straight easy to cross
These women are the meandering roads
That have potholes and bumps
Like their life
Helping them find the way
Is the best thing we can do little?
Help them explore the world that is small in their eyes.

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